Sunday, May 21, 2017

2018 Monthly Calendar

I like printing out my yearly calendars every year for two reasons:
 1. They are a lot cheaper than buying them at the store and 
2. I also find them easier to write on then store bought or photo calendars.

2018 monthly calendar

So I decided to created a colourful Brush Font calendar - where each month is a different calendar and every page has space to write notes or to do's down. And I need to write absolutely everything down or else I will forget.

free printable 2018 monthly calendar

free 2018 calendar printable

2018 calendar pdf

I saved it to Google Drive so you can just print out the whole calendar together. 


  1. Wow so many great calendars! Thank you for including mine with the group!

  2. Love printables, love planners… what a lovely gift idea for 2018. I always like to have pretty things to keep me organized.

  3. Thanks so much for this wonderful gift idea! I was wondering if you have a cover page and made with love page for people who choose to still do a calendar. Thanks

  4. Thank you for your nice and beautiful calendars. I love them all and can't decide, which one I will take. I guess there will be one for every room in my flat!


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