Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Toy Scavenger Hunt

I decided to create an activity for the kids on a Monday that was a holiday from school when it was rainy outside and they were getting a little antsy... ok they always are antsy regardless of the weather.
So I created a few different versions of a scavenger hunt..

kids scavenger hunt

So I created a toy scavenger hunt. I saved eight different toys to a page of toys that can be found in my house and cut them out.

kids scavenger hunt printables

Girlish Scavenger Gunt

I created a girlish one and a boyish one as I figured people with only one child or all girls or all boys would more likely find more of the toys in their house. Although Mater was Lily's absolute favourite as a child. If you don't have certain toys in your house just don't include them in you hunt.

children's scavenger hunt printables

So I cut out two sets of all 16 pictures and found two gift bags I had lying around the house and put the pictures in the bags. The kids laid their cards face up on the table and I had the kids run around the house and find the different toys on the cards. 

children's scavenger hunt

Once they found the coordinating toy they put the toy and the card in the gift bag and moved on to the next item. The kids had a blast and I had an uninterrupted less interruptions while cleaning my kitchen. 

kids activities

You can also do a shape and colour scavenger hunt as well.  Which is great for younger kids just learning their shapes or colours. I'm saving that for another day though...

color scavenger hunt
colour scavenger hunt

shape scavenger hunt
shape scavenger hunt

If there is a big interest in the future I may add more pictures as well. Just leave me a message in the comments. And I hope your kids had as fun as mine did :)


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