Monday, October 24, 2016

Everything You Need for a Trolls Party

Everything you need for a Trolls Birthday Party.

everything you need for a trolls birthday party


free printable trolls invitations

Free printable trolls party invitations

Food and Beverages

Cupcake Toppers - 16 different options

trolls cupcake toppers

free trolls condiment labels

Trolls Standard Tableware Kit (Serves 8)

trolls movie 2016 tableware

Free printable water bottle labels

free trolls water bottle labels


trolls movie banner


trolls movie bingo

trolls photo booth props

trolls printable party games

Thank You Cards

Don't forget to send thank yous for all those amazing Trolls gifts you received. 

Trolls Thank You Card

Party Favours

I like using small plastic cups instead of small party bags which can be re-used

trolls party favours

You can fill them full of awesome loot like these stretchy bracelets and treats and then wrap them with clear paper and tie the top with ribbon and attach a thank you note.

trolls party favor ideas

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  1. Hey I really like your trolls banner flags but I get an error when I click on the link. Is there a way to fix that? Thanks


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