Friday, September 23, 2016

Ultimate Gift Buying Guide: Two year olds

Buying gifts can be difficult sometimes and then you choose something that looks awesome only for the kids never to play with it. So with two children over two - a boy and a girl these were definitely there favourite most played with toys (and still are at three and five)

two year old gift guide

1. cash register $39.99 $18.84 + play money $11.39

2. KidKraft kitchen $141.99 + Stainless steel pots from Melissa and Doug

3. Princess ball house $34.99 + extra balls $45.95  $19.95

two year old boy gift guide

1. cash register  $39.99  $25.99 + play money from Melissa and Doug $12.99

2. Kitchen $82.94 + plastic play food from Melissa and Doug $15.43

These gifts are great and I have a version of all of them in my house. I don't know what it is about playing store or cooking in kitchens but it appeals to all kids - and their friends all love these toys too! And this ball house is my son's house where he periodically lives in/ or just stores my lost iPhone in.

And if you are looking for more gift ideas check out my Ultimate Gift Guide:

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