Sunday, July 3, 2016

2017 Pink Calendar

We all have a desire to be organized some of us seem to be organized by nature and the rest of us are just barely keeping our heads above water. I have to admit I fall into the latter group - so at one of my attempts to be organized I have created a 2017 calendar. And wanted to share it early so you can write all those appointments that fall into next year down. I created large boxes so you can write down your daily reminders, personally I write down the bills I paid and how much on my calendar as well so I don't forget to pay one (yep its definitely happened... multiple times)

free printable 2017 calendar

I created it in Print Shop (and also PicMonkey) and saved it as a pdf - I attempted to save it as a jpeg but alas had much difficulty. But I believe (after much googling on how to insert a pdf into Blogger) that you can just click on the pop out button and print. 

A couple people have emailed that they weren't able to access it. So if that doesn't work please try this link here. And please let me know if you have any more issues!?

I have been trying to get into creating some more free printables so let me know what you think, and also want to try a few more designs of 2017 calendars as time permits so definitely let me know if you have any specific requests - fonts, colour, style, etc... And hopefully you enjoy!

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