Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sofia the First Bingo Cards

My kids had such a fun time playing the Jake and the Neverland Bingo I created, that I decided to create a Sophia the First inspired bingo game.

I created three different card designs, and you can use bingo dabbers, scraps of paper or small candies like smarties or whatever you would like as markers.

I designed a few different cards, and saved them two, to a 8 by 11" sheet of paper in drop box. Please let me know if you needed more options or had any issues with size or printing.
And here are the printable cards. Just cut them all out, shuffle and call them one by one - and have the kids match the pictures to the card.

You can Download them for Free here:

Bingo Cards1, Bingo Cards2, Bingo Cards3, Printable Calling Cards 

Hope you have fun! And you can check out more Sofia the First Party Printables

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  1. How cute! Thanks for sharing with us at #Overthemoon link up and have a lovely day.


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