Sunday, December 20, 2015

Free Calendar stickers

Keep your self organized this year - and check out this roundup of my favourite free printable calendar reminders 

These free printable calendar stickers from Kayla Aimee are the prettiest ones I have found so far (and also practical)

Here are some more printable calendar stickers from Mom Endeavors 

Alpha Mom offers some free cute Back to School stickers. 
Aly Stamps offers some great (and free!) calendar stickers. 

You can find tons of planner and calendar stickers at Wendaful

Here are more cute stickers from i pigtails which are great for remembering which day is milk day at school. 

World Label offers free printable general, holiday and sports stickers for your calendars 

And check out this round up of free 2016 printable calendars 


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