Monday, September 15, 2014

What to Buy an Expecting Mother



I think it's always fun buying baby gifts. Baby clothes and shoes are just so tiny and adorable! But it's also nice to buy expecting mothers (or baby shower gifts) that are also practical. So here are my recommendations for buying the perfect baby gift...

 Try to skip the adorable dresses, outfits and tiny dress shoes in newborn and 3 month sizes - they will barely get worn if at all because they will get so many outfits and most baby's grow so quickly at this age.
If you can`t resist that outfit because, I know it`s difficult they are just so freakin cute! Opt for 9 month size. Why 9 months because lots of people might think the same way and buy 6 months sizes but no one ever buys 9 months sizes and they will need clothes in this in between size. Just try to keep in mind the season it will be when they will fit in to it.
Skip the cute onsies in cute designer brands or with fun sayings on them. Instead buy pairs of those comfy cotton pants you could pull over all those cute onsies they are bound to get, they will get a lot more use out of them.
Opt for sleepers in various sizes, they seem to go through several a day in their first few weeks and laundry isn`t always a new mothers first priority.

I recommend buying crib sheets instead of receiving blankets. An extra pair of sheets comes in handy especially when you have a boy.

And don't buy baby soap, a bottle of Johnson's & Johnson's will last them a year instead you can get a cute baby toiletry set with brush, toothbrush, nail clippers and digital thermometer like this 25 piece one from Safety 1st I purchased for a baby shower last month - which is bound to come in handy. Thermometers are great for the over worried first time moms who think their babies are running a fever every third day. Ehh hem because I never thought that myself...

They will probably get several stuffed animals as gifts, so for a first toy I like those little soft plush rattles with Velcro straps which go around their wrists and ankles - it's suppose to help them find their hands and feet quicker.

Now a days lots of people register which makes it way easier,  I usually try to pick a practical item because they never seem to get bought with one fun one a sleeper or set of socks.
And lots of people are buying baby books and signing them instead of cards, it's a nice keepsake. You can either buy a classic like Goodnight Moon, a touch and feel book, or a book of first words.
Did you have any tips for that perfect baby shower gift??? 


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