Monday, September 22, 2014

How to Install Sidebar Titles and Social Media Icons


Since I have designed some cute free social icons and sidebar titles lately I thought I would give you a little tutorial on how to install them.

How to Install Social Media Icons

First we will start with social icons you can grab mine here or download your favourites and save them to your computer.

Once saved upload them to photobucket (create a free account if you haven't already) other photo sharing sites will work but I am not familiar with them, sorry.

Now go to Layout and Click "Add a Gadget"  and choose HTML

Copy the below code and edit:

<a href="linktoyouraccount"><img src="photosharingaddresseofimagehere" width="70" height="70" /></a>

 It should look something like this...

<a href=""><img src="" width="70" height="70" /></a>

You can change the width and height if you wanted, I simply chose 70 by 70.

In Photobucket chick on Direct under SHARE LINKS and it should automatically copy and insert this where it says photosharingaddresseofimagehere.

I had problems copying the link in Internet Explorer so used Motzilla instead.

And that's basically it, save all your icons under the same gadget and move it wherever you wanted it to show on your page.

And here is the tutorial on how to add a sidebar image in Blogger...

Go to Layout and Click "Add a Gadget" on the Sidebar

Then Choose the Image Gadget. And Upload the image from a saved file on your computer.

Now go to template (found on the left hand side) Click on 'customize' Then under the 'advanced' option  click on gadgets - and change the font size to 0px

If you don't understand anything please ask. I don't know if this is the best way to insert sidebar titles but it sure is the simplest, although it seems to get rid of the post date titles not that I particularly mind. If you had a better way I would love to hear it...

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