Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Free Frida Crochet Patterns

Frida Kahlo was a painter , she incorporated the Mexican history into her art through her bold use of color and dramatic symbolism. Her art explored questions of identity, race, class and gender. 

free Frida crochet patterns

Apologies for the brief synopsis but you can read her biography here or online, as I cannot capture her life and work in a sentence or two. Below you can find 14 free Frida Kahlo inspired crochet patterns, and a couple from Etsy. 

Frida pincushion from Essie Birdies

Free Mexican doll crochet pattern from Paint it Colorful

Frida crochet patterns

Frida Cushion crochet pattern from Essie Birdies

Frida Kahlo Cup Cozy crochet pattern from Minas Craft

Mini Frida Hand Sanitizer crochet pattern from Essie Birdies

Amigurumi Frida Kahlo keychain pattern from the blue bobbin - scroll down post for the English version

Frida Kahlo Amigurumi Free pdf Download from Maira Tessino

Free Frida Kahlo crochet patterns

Frida Crochet Patterns from Galamigurumis (translated)

Free Pattern: Mini Frida Amigurumi Mug from Orecunchodejei (translated from Spanish)

How to crochet Frida Kahlo pouch from Yarn and Hooks

Frida Kahlo Mini Doll from Teresa Marti

Free Frida Kahlo crochet

Free Frida Crochet Pattern from Philomena (translated)

Woman Applique Frida Inspired free crochet pattern from Elealinda Design (google translate)

Free pattern - small Frida clip crochet pattern from orecunchodejei

Frida Inspired crochet pattern from GinansilyoNiMarya on Etsy

Frida crochet pattern from ellymellybaby on Etsy

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