Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Pink Baby Milestones

So today I am sharing an amazingly thoughtful and inexpensive baby gift you can DIY for your expecting friends or you may just want to make it for yourself to capture all your precious babies first year milestones, as believe me, it goes by so dang quick! and its hard to sort out all the baby pics for you baby book. 

So I created newborn, the first four weeks and the first 12 months large circle labels. These can be printed on sticker paper or iron on transfers. I created two option one with the visible circle in case you're cutting by hand and another version that is blank if you are using pre-cut stickers. 

I tried to use a pre-existing sticker size of  3 1/3" Round Large Circle Labels - 6 Labels Per Sheet - for Inkjet & Laser Printers as my template, so you can buy the sticker paper for approximately $10.00 on Amazon or you can probably find it at your local office supplies store.  Or you can purchase heat transfer fabric paper and iron on the designs on onsies (body suits) or bibs. 

You can get multi packs of white or light colored onsies on Amazon or in your local shops. 

Or you can add the milestone stickers/ iron ons to white bibs as well. 

I also created them in my Zazzle shop, you can see the Hello I'm new Here onsie

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