Thursday, August 13, 2020

Free Descendants 3 Cupcake Toppers

 My girls love the Descannts movies and I got to say I sit with them on the couch and I am sucked in after 5 minutes myself lol. So for the Descants fans and moms and dads of fans Here are free Descendants cupcake toppers. 

Descendants 3 birthday party

I created two different pages with the main 8 Descendants 3 characters. I call them cupcake toppers although you can use them in a variety of ways like printing them and attaching them to solid color paper cups or paper bags for favor bags for just a couple more ideas. 

Descendants 3 birthday party printables

Click here to Download → Descendants 3 - page one

And you can find the matching table cloth, napkins and plates on Amazon for under $20

1 comment:

  1. My girl is a big fan of the Descannts movies. Thanks so much. This is cool ideas for back to school gift.


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