Monday, July 6, 2020

Musings of an Average Mom Zazzle Shop

I am so excited to announce the launch of my new Zazzle Shop! I don't usually like to talk to much about my personal life but two weeks ago I was let go from my software job due to lack of sales for economic reason. Yay CoVid! (that was sarcasm) They shut our whole little office down. 😢 But I try to be positive so have been focusing my time and energy else where hence the launch of my Zazzle Shop!!! I am so excited to show you my designs I have been working so hard on.

I added a link to My Shop in the pages above so you can find it easier!  I have created several collections I am so proud of! And hope you will love.

One of my favorites is my Kawai Sweet Treats Baby Collection:

I also created several More Baby Clothes, T-shirts and Bibs

I began designing kids t-shirts in several different fun styles

women's clothing including two with my own Musings of an Average Mom logo, which makes me feel so proud to see my logo on a t-shirt!

Men's Clothing with several different funny (and sarcastic) sayings

Buttons and Totes in lots of fun and colorful designs

Decorative Pillows in beautiful and Fun Designs

I also Designed Kawaii Clothing for Women including flip flops, high tops, socks, funny t-shirts and leggings

as well as Kawaii Home Decor including light switch covers, lamps, pillows and more!

and cellphone cases in fun, pretty and whimsical designs

I hope you will take a minute to check out my shop, and maybe even heart your favourite. 💗

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