Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Barbie Printables

Because my American Dolls post was so popular I decided to create a round up for Barbies. These are 1:6 scale and would work for any other dolls that are barbie size, like Monster High dolls for example.

Free printables for Barbie


Get this Printable Sewing Machine from My Froggy Stuff

Free 12 inch doll printables

Find free printable barbie shoe boxes in three different styles from Barbie Collectors

Make designed inspired doll accessories with free printables from My Froggy Stuff

Free Doll Sized Louis Vuittons printables from Migues Minatures


Get Free printable Valentine's Day cards from Bees Knees Industries

DIY Doll Christmas packages with free printables from migues minatures

Free Barbie size printables

Make Holiday Children's books and greeting and holiday greeting cards with free printables from My Froggy Stuff

Free printable giftbags from Jennifers printables

Get printable Halloween or Christmas door mats from Go Make Something

Make your own DIY Barbie Fireworks Booth with free printables from Migues Minatures


Make your Doll a pizza we free printable from My Froggy Stuff

DIY Doll Take out printables from Migues Minatures includes Pizza, Chinese, Cakes, Donuts and more

Free printable potato chips from My Froggy Stuff

DIY Dollhouse Candy from Migues Minatures

Find Cereal boxes from PrintMini

DIY Doll Pizza Set from Migues Minatures

50 doll grocery printables from Migues Minatures


make the ultimate slumber party princess room with tutorial and free printables from My Froggy Stuff inspired by Wreck it Ralph 2

Get free printable doll background from My Froggy Stuff

Get Movie Poster from Print Mini including Harry Potter, Spiderman and Titanic

Find Several different printable magazines from Danielle Costa

Get free printable records from Gamer Yonitu

DIY Barbie Sick day set from Migues Minatures

Get free printable floor patterns in black and white check,  hardwood and tiles from Jennifers printables


Find free printable barbie sized money from Barbie Collectors which you can print by sheet.

Get printable seed packets from Bees Knees Industries 

Get free Printable Air Male envelopes from Bees Knees Industries

Printable Minature Tarrot Cards from Bees Knees Industries

Make your dolls a cardboard bicycle with free template from My froggy Stuff

And Don't forget to pin this post as I will be adding lots more, including some original designs. 

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