Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Mandalorian Invitations

The Mandalorian is by far my favourite show right now! Baby Yoda is so adorable, and I love all the action and the characters attitudes. Okay I like everything about it! So here are some Mandalorian invitations if you or your kids are planning a themed birthday (or show watching party)

The Mandalorian birthday

If you visited my blog before you know that I can't make just one of anything, so I created 4 different versions. You can click on the link under your favourite to download. And then you can either edit it in a photo editing software, I use PicMonkey to create all my invitations as I can add my own fonts.

 Also you probably want to print them out on cardstock so they are a little more rigid. 

baby yoda birthday

the mandalorian party printables

baby yoda party printables

Free Mandalorian party printables

I saved two invitations on a page to save on printing. 

free baby yoda party printables
And check out the cutest baby Yoda gifts on the web. 

Baby Yoda gift Ideas

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