Saturday, January 12, 2019

2019 Calendars to Color

When my kids were young I loved colouring with them... until they scribbled all over them which slightly irked my OCD, but I love the adult coloring books I used to have one when I worked on the phone all day and found it calming. So here is a roundup of 2019 calendars you can colour yourself, so you can colour and get organized at the same time...

free printable 2019 calendars to color

Get this 2019 coloring calendar from Planes and Balloons

coloring calendars 2019

Get this free 2019 calendar to color from Sarah Rena Clark 

2019 calendar to color

Get this free printable coloring calendar from I should be mopping the floor

blank calendar to color

Get this free coloring book 2019 calendar from Botanical Paperworks

free coloring book 2019 calendar

Free 2019 Calendar Adult Coloring Page from Audrey Chenal 

2019 year at a glance to color

Get this printable coloring calendar from Woo Jr

2019 printable coloring calendar

Free 2019 Calendar coloring pages from Printables and Inspirations

2019 calendar coloring pages

Get your free 2019 wall calendar to colour in from the Crazy Craft Lady

2019 wall calendar

Free 2019 Year at a Glance calendar in plain or colour in version from Organise my House

Get this free Yearly adult coloring calendar from Audrey Chenal

Get Mandala monthly dividers from Printables and Inspirations

And you can get this Coloring Joy Book from the Secret Owl Society for reviewing 2018 and setting goals for 2019

free 2019 goals

Monday, January 7, 2019

Pickmi Pop Bingo

Pikmi Pops seem like one of the 'hot toys' right now, and why not? They're super cute and smell good.

free printable pikmi pop bingo

So I created Pickmi Pop bingo which is super fun and easy for kids of all ages because they just need to match the picture on the calling card you hold up, and can mark the cards with anything; cheerios, bingo dabbers, smarties, crayons, whatever you have lying around. I created 4 different sheets and saved them two to a page so kids don't have all the same card.

pikmi pop bingo

pikmi pop games

pikmi pop activities

Calling Cards. I just cut out the cards shuffle them and hold them up one by one.

And you can find matching Pikmi cupcake toppers here

Pikmi Pops Cupcake Toppers

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