Friday, January 3, 2020

Frozen 2 Food Labels

I love themed birthday parties, they just look so put together, and I love looking back at pictures of my kids past birthdays or one's they went to. But purchasing everything can get expensive so I created some free food labels (which could also be used a name tags or place settings) to match the rest of the Frozen 2 birthday printables I designed.

frozen 2 party printables

I created 8 different styles, with 4 to a page. Just click on the link below the image you want to be able to download and print it. You can edit them using editing software or Cut them out, fold them in half and just label them with a pen or sharpie. Probably best to use cardstock so that they are a little more rigid and stand up better, you could also glue to construction paper. 

Frozen 2 Food Labels

And here are Free Frozen 2 printables including invitations, cupcake toppers, activities and thank you cards.

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