Saturday, August 25, 2018

Incredibles 2 Cupcake toppers

I don't make it to the theatres often but me and the kids  (the kids and I?) watched Incredibles 2 - and it kept both their interest for it's entirety - a feat in itself.

incredibles 2 printables

When choosing back to school supplies my son decided he wanted an Incredibles 2 lunchbox. So  with the popularity of Incredibles 2 (atleast in my household) I created cupcake toppers for any kids who want an Incredibles 2 themed party. 

incredibles 2 cupcake toppers

incredibles 2 birthday printables

free incredibles 2 birthday printables

And you can also find the Incredibles 2 Invitations here

incredibles 2 2018

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