Friday, July 13, 2018

2019 Calendars

I love free printables, and I'm terrible at remembering anything so each new year I print out a new calendar and use a large magnet to attach it to my fridge so I can write down all the bills that are due, paid, upcoming appointments and the numerous school events. So I comprised a list of some gorgeous (and free!) calendars you can print yourself.

free printable 2019 calendar

Get this Cute Cats monthly planner calendar from Printables and Inspirations

2019 monthly planner

Get this beautiful monthly calendar from Shining Mom

free 2019 monthly calendar download

Get a free 2019 Harry Potter Watercolor calendar from Cottage Market

2019 Harry Potter calendar

Get this free printable floral design calendar from Paper Trail Design

free pretty 2019 calendar

Get free 2019 planners from Printables and Inspirations 

free printable 2019 planner

Get this free 2019 printable calendar from Short Stop Design 

2019 printable calendar

For those who want to live greener in 2019 you can get this Eco tip calendar from Botanical Paperworks

2019 green calendar

Get this free 2019 3D Calendar from A piece of Rainbow

Get this two pages per month 2019 calendar from Scattered Squirrel 

2019 calendar

Get this free printable 2019 wall calendar from Studio DIY

Get free half size printable 2019 calendars from Printables and Inspirations

2019 calendar to print

Get this free bright & colourful printable 2019 calendar from Home Printables

free printable 2019 calendar

Get these free printable colourful 2019 calendars from Shining Mom

pretty 2019 calendar

Get this watercolor 2019 monthly printable from Calendar2019

january 2019 calendar

Get a free 2019 monthly calendar printable from Moritz Fine Designs

january 2019 calendar printable

Get these colorful monthly calendars from Miss Tina available in multiple sizes 

Get this free printable 2019 floral calendar from Shining Mom

free 2019 printable calendar

Get this free 2019 planner printables from the Handmade Home which include multiple printables in various sizes including covers, weekly planners, goal sheets, stickers, year at a glance, information, emergency contacts, inspirational quotes and tons more!

free 2019 calendar

and monthly calendars in various patterns 

2019 calendar printable

Get free printable Animal watercolor calendar from Cottage Market

free printable 2019 animal calendar

Get these pretty free printable calendars from Starts with J

Get this free printable nature calendar from Sarah Titus

2019 free printable nature calendar

Get this inspirational 2019 calendar from Botanical Paperworks

pretty 2019 calendar

Get this super pretty 2019 calendar from Printables and Inspirations 

pretty 2019 calendar

Get this free 2019 printable calendar from My Paper printables

2019 calendar

Get this free printable mini calendar for 2019 from All Free Designs

Free printable 2019 Riverdale (my favourite show!) Calendar courtesy of Cottage Market

free riverdale calendar

Get this free printable monthly calendar form LatestCalendar with space for your goals and reasons to be thankful

2019 calendar by month

And you can find 2019 year at a glance calendars here


  1. Hi Kristen!
    Good design. I always want to have a special calendar. Thanks for sharing

  2. Excellent to be visiting your blog again, it has been months for me. Rightly, this article that I've been served for therefore long. I want this article to finish my assignment within the faculty, and it has the same topic together with your article. Thanks for the ton of valuable help, nice share. February 2019 Calendar

  3. Thank you for posting...I was looking for the calendar with goals and thankful notes which I had first seen in google images search. Your site finally was a successful link to saving the calendar pages to print. The only laborsome part was that I had to scroll down the page and save each month individually, but I like the design so much that the extra effort was worth it to me. Thanks again!

  4. I think this are the most beautiful calendars I have ever seen! Thank you so much!

  5. Your calendar is super cute and I love the colors. Thanks for sharing it

  6. Thanks for the calendar! love it so much. i’d like to put it on my table.

  7. Thank you for doing this. Your work is so lovely and it’s really kind of you to share.


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