Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Business Printables for 18" Dolls

Lily's favourite current toys is her My Life dolls, and she always asks me to print her out crafts and activities so I created a round-up of 18" Doll "Business printables including cafe, restaurant, vet, ice cream truck, concert and more! 

American girls business printables

The My Life Dolls are the same size as American girls so these will also work for AG dolls. 

Get Starbucks Cafe printables from American Girl Ideas

American Girl cafe printables

Get Build a Bear printables from American Girl

Get Doll Spa printables from Doll Diaries

Get Kanani's Shaved Ice stand printables from American Girl Ideas

American girl store printables

Get Grace's bakery menu printable from Fun with AG Fan or printable business cards

Get Grace's Bakery printables from American Girl Ideas

Free American Girl printables

Get free printable shopping bags from SoSewSuziAmericanGirlDollClothes

Get a Jukebox and 50's decorations from Doll Diaries

Free My Life printables

Make your own American Girl Diner with free printable paper hats, guest checks, paper food trays and menus from American Girl Ideas

Free My Girl Restaurant printables

Get free printable Bonjour Paris Bistro Menu from Lee & Pearl

Or get more Paris inspired menus from American Girl Ideas 

Free American Girl menus

Make your own Unicorn Cafe with free printables from Brandy's Happy Home including marquee sign, menus, and guest checks and printable unicorn headbands for your child and their doll. 

Free 18" doll printables

Set up your own lemonade stand with free printables from Doll Diaries

Get free printable Tenney concert posters and admission tickets printables from Brandy's Happy Home

American Girl printable activities

Get free Talent Show printables from Doll Diaries

Get free icecream truck printables from American Girl Ideas

American Girl Ideas printables

Get Kit's reporter set from American Girl Ideas inclusing photographs and newspaper

Make a Doll pet hospital with printables from American Girl Ideas including vet sheet printables and x-rays

American Girl 2018

Make DIY Gift Cards and stand with free printables from American Girl Ideas

Monday, January 29, 2018

Peter Rabbit Movie Invitations

The upcoming Peter Rabbit Movie looks so cute! My daughter and I watched the trailer and I think e might go watch it in theaters and it looks like a good family movie.

peter rabbit 2018 birthday printables

I created three different Peter Rabbit birthday party invitations.

peter rabbit 2018

peter rabbit movie 2018

peter rabbit 2018 printables

And per my other invitations I saved them two - to a page for sizing and easier printing.

peter rabbit 2018 birthday ideas

So click on the invitation option you want, download from DropBox and print from your computer.

And you can find Peter Rabbit thank you cards here

peter rabbit 2018 printables

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Free School, Camp and Vacation Printables for 18" Dolls


Lily lovers her My Life dolls so I decided to create a round-up of school printables for her dolls, they are also the same size as American Girls.

Free school printable for 18" dolls

Get free printable Golden Books from American Girl Ideas

Get doll sized winter worksheets from Doll Diaries

Free school printable for American Girl Dolls

Mayellen Encylopedia printables from American Girl Ideas

Get a doll size folder template, lined paper, calculator and student I.D. from Doll Diaries

Make this DIY Wall calendar with free printables from American Girl Ideas

Get free printable worksheets from Doll Diaries which include math and puzzle sheets

Get Harry Potter Book Set Printables from American Girl Ideas

Harry Potter printable for dolls

Get Dr. Seuss books from American Girl Ideas

Get Science Lab printables from American Girl Ideas including Science Lab wall art printables, Science lab rules, chemistry book covers, National Geographic printables and more. 

Classroom printables for American Girl

Get American and European Geography quizzes from I heart American Girl

Get this DIY Doll stationary set with printables from American Girl Ideas

Make your own STEM room with free printable with printable chalkboards, and STEM posters including the periodic table, world map, wall clock, solar system and more from Brandy's Happy Home. 

Classroom printables for dolls

You can make soda straw rockets for kids and dolls with instructions and templates from Brandy's Happy Home. 

science projects for dolls

Get a mini coloring book great for your dolls from beeskneesindustries

Get a free printable Minions coloring book printable from American Girl Ideas

printable coloring book for American Girls

American Girl Ideas shared this cute Golden books printables, throws back memories for me

Get four free Wellie Wisher and Owl Diaries printable boos from Wellie Wishers

Wellie Wishers printables

Make doll size file folders with free printable from Doll It Up

Dolls can make their own School project about Louisville Kentucky with free printables from Doll It Up

free school printables for My Life dolls

Get free printable Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Diary of a Wimpy Kids and more printable books from American Girl Ideas

Hunger games book printables for dolls

Make these cute school binders and folders with free printables from My Froggy Stuff

Free printable Worksheets and coloring pages for 18" Dolls from She Saved


Get Pre-Camp doll printables from Doll Diaries

Get free printable camp posters from Doll Diaries

camp printables for American Girls

Get camper sign in sheet, roster and info sheet from Doll Diaries

Anna from Doll Diaries created these cute printable camp banners

free printables for American Girls

Get free printable doodle/ coloring pages from Doll Diaries


Get free printable money and passport with instructions from Pieces for Reese

Get a free printable camera and pictures from Awesome AG Girls

Get printable vacation post cards from Doll It Up

Free printables for 18" dolls

Postcards from Paris from Thistle Cottage

Get free printable Library cards, postcards and money from Wellie Wisher

And you might also like Free Holiday Printables for 18" dolls

Holiday printables for My Life dolls

Friday, January 19, 2018

Holiday Printables for 18" Dolls

My daughter loves those My Life dolls she received last year for Christmas and she always ask me to print crafts out for her - as that's about the extent of my crafting ability so I composed a round-up of free Holiday printables for My Life, American Girl or any other 18" dolls.

Free 18" Doll Holiday Printables

Parties & Birthday Parties

Get free birthday party printables designed by myself: Musings of an Average Mom including invitations, birthday cards, posters, Happy Birthday banner and party hat printables

My Life birthday party printables

And get a free printable gift box from American Girl Publishing

Get free party printables from Doll Diaries including banner, party hats and invitations

American Girl party printables


Get free printable Thanksgiving headbands for kids and their dolls from brandys happy home

American Girl Thanksgiving printables

Get free Thanksgiving printables from Doll Diaries including menu, placecards, napkin rings and activity sheets

Get Thanksgiving coloring pages from Brandy's Happy Home for the 'kids' table

free printable for American Girl

Get Doll size Thanksgiving bingo from Brandy's Happy Home


Get these cute trick or treat bag printables from Life in One Third Scale

American Girl Holiday printables

Get a free printable witch hat template from Life in One Thirds

Get Wellie Wisher Doll Sized Candy

American Girl printable food

Get free printable Treat bags from Doll Diaies

Get printable potion labels from Doll It Up

Make your own concessions (or Halloween) candy with free printables from American Girl Ideas


Get printable gift boxes and ornaments from Doll Diaries

free American girl Holiday printables

Get free printable notes to Santa from Doll Diaries

Get these free printable Gingerbread cookies from Doll Diaries

free American Girl printables

Get How the Grinch Stole Christmas free printable book from American Girl Ideas

American Girl Doll Ideas Printables

Valentines Day

Get free printable Jojo Siwa or LOL Surprise Valentines from American Girl Ideas

AG Valentines to print

Get free printable Valentines for you and your doll from Real Coke

American Girl Valentines

Get free mini treat bag printables from Jen Goode

Valentines for dolls

Get mini valentines and Valentine bag from Doll Diaries

Get free mini printable Valentines from Doll It Up - comes with eight different options

printable Valentine's for American Girl

St. Patrick's Day

Make St. Patricks day cupcakes with free cupcake wrappers and toppers from Doll It Up

Get a printable St. Patrick's day banner from Doll Diaries

printable banner for American Girl


Get Easter Egg hunt printables for your dolls from Doll Diaties

Easter printables for American Girl

Make your own candy box Eastr baskets with free printables from American Girl Ideas

American Doll Easter printables

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