Sunday, November 5, 2017

Tsum Tsum Gift Ideas

My kids love Tsum Tsums - and sometimes it's hard to find them a present they don't own - yup not spoiled at all ;) so here is a list of unique Tsum Tsum gift ideas.

Tsum Tsum gift ideas

Tsum Tsum Bead A Bracelet Jewelry Activity Playset - I ordered this for Lily this Christmas as she loves Tsum Tsums and making jewelry. 

Tsum Tsum gifts

Disney Tsum Mancala Board Game - 'Move the beads around the board and use strategy to stack up matching Tsums for more points!

Or you can purchase the Tsum Tsum Bubble Fever Game for only $5.15 - for kids 6+

tsum tsum games

Lip Smacker Disney Tsum Tsum Lip Balm, including Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy

Tsum Tsum Disney Lilo & Stitch Story Pack

lilo and stitch tsum tsum

Get these super cute Tsum Tsum earring from RainbowNekoo on Etsy

tsum tsum earrings

Disney Tsum Tsum Liquid Case For iPhones from UnionPrintArt  

tsum tsum phone case

Disney Cheshire Cat (or any of your favourite characters) ''Tsum Tsum'' Mug 

Get this Tsum Tsum Mickey Portable Play Case with 1 Figure which holds 45+ Tsum Tsums to keep everything organized. 

tsum tsum carrying case

Get this Tsum Tsum Disney Deluxe Minnie Design Set Playset for $12.29 and kids can decorate and create for hours!

tsum tsum craft kit

Tara Toy Tsum Activity Journal Playset includes 4 markers, 2 sticker sheets, and gem stickers, 60 page notebook and activity pages for only $3.75

tsum tsum journal

tsum tsum purse

And you can get free printable templates here so you can design and color your own Tsum Tsums, 

free tsum tsum coloring pages

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