Saturday, November 4, 2017

Minnie and Mickey Tsum Tsum Printables

I created a few blank Tsum Tsum templates for the kids to design and color and Lily created Minnie first, slightly ironic as it was one of the four I had created templates for. 

tsum tsum activities
You can print out the free Tsum Tsum blank templates - we used the smaller one then print out the Mickey or Minnie templates cut them out, color them and glue them on.

tsum tsum printables
Minnie template - we colored the ears with black crayon to use less computer ink.

tsum tsum free printables

Lily's Minnie she drew

Disney tsum

mickey tsum tsum

tsum tsum activities for kids

Here our our finished Mickey and Minnie. Dylan just coloured on his which is fine anything that keeps the childrens busy and screen free for more than 5 minutes is a win in my book. 

And you can get free printable templates here so kids can design and color their own Tsum Tsums, (and adults too) I can't judge as I created a couple of my own ;)

free tsum tsum coloring pages

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