Sunday, July 2, 2017

Trolls TP Craft

Trolls is my kids absolute favourite movie, I think we have watched it upwards of twenty times and my three year old son usually hides behind the couch when the Bergens come lol.

Trolls craft

My daughter Lily is the artistic one in the family, singing dancing, drawing, crafting and is always asking for me to make up a new craft or project for us to do. So I decided to create some Trolls toilet paper characters and designed the eyes and Poppy's headband to glue on to them.

Trolls craft ideas

So I usually just try to use whatever we have around the house so you will need:
- pink, blue, green and blue construction paper
- glue stick
- scissors
- green marker
- printable trolls elements

If you don't have anything you can always improvise lots of people paint the rolls, I don't usually like this as you have to wait for them to dry, or you can use markers to color them.

Poppy craft

For poppy I cut out a rough dress pattern and added some green details to the bottom, the hair is red construction paper we cut and then rolled to fit in the tp roll and Lily added the smile.

trolls crafts for kids

Branch is created basically the same, we drew a 'leaf' pattern on his green clothes and used black construction paper for the hair and Lily drew the smile above his nose and says his nose looks like a bowtie.

easy trolls crafts

Here are both of them and I think they turned out so cute!

trolls printable crafts

Here is the printable trolls elements, we just cut them out and glued them on.

Shopkins easy crafts

And here is out Shopkins craft we made out of a toilet paper roll as well - Lippy Lips.

Or you can find even more Trolls craft Ideas


  1. Oh wow how fun. We have so many toilet rolls around so can easily do this. :-)


  2. Awwww we love the Trolls! This is a fab activity for little ones and going to give it a go on a rainy day! #DreamTeam x

  3. These are great. My daughter would love to try this #DreamTeam 

  4. These are great. My daughter would love to try this #DreamTeam 

  5. What a fab idea! We love trolls and this would be the best arty activity for a rainy day. Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam.


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