Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Lippy Lips craft

Lily is always asking me to do a new craft atleast once per day, so I usually go to Pinterest to scout out some ideas, I am not the most creative person - thats more her area of expertise. But she wanted to make a Shopkins craft and the only ideas I could find required materials I did not have on hand and had no desire to purchase at 7 pm on a school night, so we decided to create our own craft... A Lippy Lip out of a toilet paper roll...

Shopkins Craft

Here is our first attempt...

shopkins craft diy

I created a face and printed it out and tried to create different levels like Lippy Lip looks like:

shopkin paper crafts

The second level is a paper towel roll I cut and re-taped to make skinnier than the toilet paper roll  but I though it looked a little sloppy, so I decided to print out the hearts on gold detail for our second attempt... also the third heart magically disappeared when we tried to glue them on individually..

shopkins craft ideas

I originally just had the toilet paper roll but didn't like how short and unfinished it looked so I grabbed a piece of red construction paper and rolled it up and cut in on an angel. For the top I simply traced the top of it on the red construction paper, cut it out and taped it down so it wouldn't be open.

easy shopkins crafts

I liked this craft as I had everything we needed on hand:
- red and pink construction paper 
(or you could simply colour it with markers which would also be more time consuming)
- scissors
- tape
- glue stick
- toilet paper roll

shopkin craft ideas

I saved two lippy lips to the page if you have two kids or want to make one yourself ;)

Let me know how it works out for you, and you can always link to your own post in the comments or on twitter or facebook.

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