Monday, July 27, 2015

Fun Money Mom Review


The pink and green reminds me of a popular sorority, but I like the loud colors on the white background. Definitely says, "Wake up, you're here!" 

Clear and easy to read

It's a nice, orderly, readable blog.  Nicely colorful, but not garish.  I like the header graphic.

I like the header - it's fun and cute but might make the subheader: ""Fun, family, & frugal Finds..." a little larger and easier to read.

Sidebar (appearance and arrangement):

Nice to see her photo at the top! I think her ad for namecheap seems misaligned with the others, but the sidebar is pretty simple. I expected to see a search bar, but maybe that is placed elsewhere.

I would like to see a list of recent posts on the side bar, I see the more button at the bottom but then I have to scroll through pages to see a good list of the posts.

There are a lot of ads, but they are well placed and don't seem to get in the way.

Two things I would recommend adding to the sidebar:  a search function and a list of popular posts.  I looked for both, and either they are not there, or they are too hard to find.

The first ting I noticed though, was too many ads in the sidebar- I got distracted, instead of looking at the content. My suggestion would be to place some of your popular posts in the sidebar, helping people navigate your site vs. click away to an ad. Also, some of the ads were off putting- I really don't like the ads about burning belly fat (they seem so tacky). You can log into your google ads and choose which categories you want to display. Given that this is a 'shopping' blog, I would aim your google ads towards that direction instead of weight loss."

How easy it is to follow on social media:

Easy! SOcial media icons on sidebar and at the top of the header. I followed her as I typed this sentence!

social media buttons are right up top, and easy to see

The social media buttons are easy to find and work well.


like the big clear pictures and the way some of the posts are side by side, I guess that’s the theme that allows that.  I really like the layout.

I found it easy to scroll down through the first several posts, but then it seemed to get repetitive, showing the same posts again.

Her posts have good graphics and interesting titles.  Definitely make me want to click and read more.

For some reason I had the idea that this blog was about frugality and saving money.  After clicking around and reading some posts here and there, I feel like it's more of a shopping blog.  So I wonder if she is targeting the "wrong" audience?

I enjoyed the articles I read.  They were positive and upbeat.  And relate-able.

How easy it is to read (fonts, etc.):

Very clear and basic font for easy on the eyes. The vibrant pictures are eye catching.

easy enough to read, even though I do like the side by side on the front pages it does seem to get a little jumbled on the next page

How easy it is to navigate, and find what you are looking for:

I didn't find a search bar and usually that is my #1 go-to if I am looking for something specific. Other than that, I would weed through the archives or if its' a recent post I would go back by date. 

 The set up for Fun Money Mom was pretty simple and easy to navigate.

Overall appearance:

Fun, bold, and bright are words that I thin of when looking at Fun Money Mom!

Other comments or suggestions:

 Seems like some of the content is repeated on several pages but clicked around quite a bit so I may be mistaken about that

I have to admit I'm familiar with this blog because of the weekly Share the Wealth blog hop party.  I never miss it!  Thanks, Lisa, for hosting such a great party!


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