Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bloggers Helping Bloggers #3

Welcome to the third week of Bloggers Helping Bloggers - a link party of sorts where you review the blog of the week and get your blog reviewed in return.

A free service where you spend 10 minutes of your time each week and get numerous reviews back in return instead of spending to get your blog reviewed with only one opinion.

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I was trying to think of a fair way to choose which site gets reviewed each week and decided to choose the blog based on a points system:

1. You will be given 5 points for linking up each week.

2. You will be rewarded 15 points for reviewing the blog of the week. (People who don't put in any effort will receive less points)

3. And a bonus 3 points for sharing on each different social media platforms every week. Please tag me so I can reward the points. Tag me @101thingstodo1, and +1 or share and comment on G+, share and comment on facebook or leave a comment on Pinterest. A tie will be given to the first one in the link up.

So for example if someone links up, reviews the weeks blog and shares on Google+ and Pinterest they will receive - 5 + 15 + 3 + 3 =26 points for the week which will be added to last weeks points.

Let me know if you have any questions???

And even if you had your blog reviewed don't forget to come back every week and link up: to be featured for social media boosts, getting specific blogging questions answered, or get another blog review after you implemented all the suggested changes.

One site will be chosen each week, and the review will be posted on my site Monday's beginning at 7:30 am EST. Because the review is so long I will be switching the link-up to Tuesdays at 7:30 am and the review will be posted Mondays at 7:30 am.

You can read last week`s review: Wondermom Wannabe Review here. You might gain some helpful tips that you can apply to your own blog.  


Please review sites on:

- header
- sidebar (appearance and arrangement)
- how easy it is to follow on social media
- content
- how easy it is to read (fonts, etc.)
- how easy it is to navigate, and find what you are looking for.
- overall appearance
- other comments or suggestions
And the winner this week is... Britny from Happy Mama Tales with 49 points!

Please e-mail your review to kristenstevens@live.ca and I will review and organize/summarize them and post them next week. Along with the next blog to review. 

And although it's not necessary I would love it if you followed me (I always follow back):

You can follow me on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook or Twitter 

And I would really appreciate it, if you could share this party on your sidebar or link party page. It will be better to get more reviews and opinions on your blogs.

Musings of an Average Mom

Please link up your main blog - and make sure you're email is correct as I will use this to contact the winner. And I will try to get to everyone in a fair and timely manner.

And please don't forget to review the blog of the week (this week is Happy Mama Tales ) And bonus points are rewarded for promoting on social media. tag me on twitter @101thingstodo1,

Disclaimer: Musings of an Average Mom will use screenshots of your blog if you are chosen as the blog to be reviewed. And your comments will be copied and posted anonymously in the blog review.

Please subscribe to our Bloggers Helping Bloggers Link Party Reminders.

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  1. Hi Kristen,
    I don't see the link...am I just not looking in the right place?


    1. Sorry I don't know why it wasn`t working but I fixed it now. Sorry for the confusion!

  2. Hey Kristen, thanks for this!

    May I invite you to join the dance each Friday at DanceWithJesus Linkup at SusanBMead.com/blog-2? Your words would bless others there too!


  3. Thanks...got it now! This is such a great idea and I love that you thought of it!


  4. I have just added you as my very first +google follow
    I hope I did it correctly
    Thanks for hosting Bloggers Helping Bloggers, I look forward to learning a lot.


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