Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Invader Zim Cupcake Toppers

Invader Zim was probably my favourite cartoon in high school, Gir was just so adorable! ...and well so dumb you couldn't help but laugh, well at least I couldn't...

Invader Zim printables

Last year I realized their was an Invader Zim movie that was released in 2019 so naturally I forced my children to watch it with me lol, although I don't think they got the appeal as much as I did 🙄, oh well...

But for all the true Invader Zim fans' here are some Invader Zim themed circle labels you can use for your own themed birthday party or perhaps Invader Zim watch marathon... 

Click on the text or image to download from Google Drive, then print and cut out or use a circle punch..

Invader Zim birthday printables

Invader Zim cupcake toppers

Invader Zim party printables

And you can find the entire Invader Zim series on DVD from Amazon

Ummm... you're welcome 

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