Thursday, October 29, 2020

Free Minecraft crochet patterns

 My son loves Minecraft, he's always playing with his step brother and sister, and honestly besides the concept of building I don't quite get it. Oh my God I just realized I'm getting old and out of touch. Dang. Well anyways, here are more than 25 free Minecraft crochet patterns for all the fans out there. 

Minecraft Creeper coaster from Stitch by Fay

Minecraft Skeleton Coaster Pattern by Stitch By Fay

Minecraft cube of Dirt from Olka Novytska

Minecraft cake pattern from draadje's blog

Minecraft Minerals crochet pattern by Selena Lazarus

Minecraft Magma Cube and Slime from pattern from draadje's blog

Minecraft TNT blocks from Mud Paper Scissors

Minecraft Creeper, free crochet pattern from Creative Chaos Art

Another free crochet pattern - Minecraft Zombie, from Creative Chaos Art

Steve pattern from Crochet Fanatic

Minecraft Steve, Alex and Zombies Amigurumi Free Pattern from

Crochet Minecraft Ghast pattern from Mud Paper Scissors

Snow Golem crochet pattern from Weeble Flip

Minecraft Rabbit from Selena Lazarus

Minecraft Pig, Sheep and Cow Pattern from Amie's Ami

Free Minecraft Sheep pattern from Reisuru

Minecraft Enderman pattern from A is for Amigurumi

Enderman Plush pattern from Wolfdreamer off the Hook

Minecraft Treasure Chests - Free Ravelry Download

Minecraft sword and pick axe patterns from Under the Skye

Minecraft Creeper Hat Free Pattern from Toluver's creations

Cute Creeper stocking cap style from Krista Scott

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Halloween Crochet

I meant to have this post completed earlier as Halloween is now only 3 days away but I have a tendency of starting blog posts and then getting distracted by something else, oh well I tried LOL plus you can pin it for next year. 

Colorful crochet pumpkin pattern from Jennifer Q

Free Halloween Bat Ornament Amigurumi Crochet pattern from Ollie + Holly

Free Zombie Crochet Pattern from Spin a Yarn Crochet

Sylvester the Cat from Drops Design

Spooky Batty Bat Amigurumi pattern from Craft Bunny Bun

Boo - Amigurumi Ghost pattern from Tarturumies (translated from Spanish)

Halloween witch Amigurumi Candy Corn from Ravelry

Halloween Ghost Cozies from Jennifer Q

Free crochet plushie mummy wrap from Knot Bad Ami

Volumatric Halloween Bat Toy Pattern from Irene Esaulova

Frankenstein's monster, free crochet pattern from Spin a Yarn Crochet

Halloween Kitten Misha from Tarturumies

An entire free Halloween Amigurumi set from Stringy Ding Ding

Voodoo Dolls pattern from Amigurumi BB

Halloween Amigurumi Girls from Mandy Lam

Love this Halloween Hipster ghost found on Ravelry, and she uses glow in the dark crochet yarn, which is such an amazing idea!

Dress Me Up Trick or Treater from Crafty is Cool

Ghost Amigurumi crochet pattern from Spin a Yarn

Black raven amigurumi pattern from I Crochet Things

Halloween Eyeball Crochet Coaster pattern by Stitch by Fay

Cute Kawaii Cuddle Ghost from 3am Grace Designs

Little Teddy Witch crochet pattern from Little Yarn Friends

Halloween Crochet face masks from Repeat Crafter Me

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