Monday, August 31, 2020

How to Edit free printables with Pic Monkey

There are tons of free invitation and printable templates online. I offer several on my site alone. You can find all my free Birthday Printables Here. So today I am going show you how to edit those free templates using PicMonkey - the site I personally use to create all my free printables and earn money blogging. 

You can choose from there wide variety of default templates PiCMonkey offers including Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, invitations and more or find one you like online.

I am going to use one of my own designs for this tutorial. A watermelon invitation.  

So download the invitation to your computer. Then go to File > Create New (in the top right corner)

> Computer > and choose where you saved it to your computer. (mine is usually under downloads) Then upload your template. Then you can add text to your template. 

PicMonkey has tons of default fonts but another nice feature is you can download your own fonts if your looking for something specific. I personally use or to find fonts. You download them to your computer and then you can easily upload them to PicMonkey. 

Text > Add Text > Upload your own fonts

Then choose the fonts you want to add from your computer. For the invitation below I used their defaults of Comfortaa bolded and Comfortta Light. 

Then add your text, resize and align. Then you can choose you color. Another feature I love is there is a color matching option. 

Click on the color, then choose the small eye drop symbol and then drag it to anywhere on your page to match the color. I color matched the text to the watermelon. You can also change the letter spacing and line height. 

A Quick Note: PicMonkey tried to assist you when aligning so that everything lines up straight however I sometimes find this unhelpful so to turn this feature on or off go to the settings or gear icon. in the bottom left and toggle the align and snap option.

Once you are finished adding the text and you are happy with your layout you can rename the file 
(if you want) click on file to the right of the monkey image and rename. Then you can Download it to your computer, or save it to the Hub if you want to use it as a template or continue editing. 

PicMonkey is now a paid subscription but costs less than $8.00 a month, or free if you don't mind their watermark. But you can try it for free for 7 days before you make your decision. 

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