Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Thanksgiving Round-Up

Getting together with family (or friends) and eating some amazing food is always cause to celebrate! Regardless of the date; as here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in mid October compared to late November in the US, apparently because we have an earlier harvest season because of our cold climate.. I could be oversimplifying it but it makes sense...  

But here are dozens of free Thanksgiving (and gratitude) printables for decorating, table setting, occupying children while you cook as well as free crochet patterns, and décor inspiration. 

50+ Free Thanksgiving Printables including banners, table settings, dinner or party sets, wall art, and leftover printables

Free Friendsgiving Printables including circle labels, wall art, and matching products..

Free Friendsgiving Printables

Free Thanksgiving Crochet Patterns

free printable thanksgiving placemats to colour

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