Friday, September 22, 2017

Cars 3 Bingo

I got a request for a Cars themed (Lightning McQueen & friends) Bingo set a couple months ago it took me a while to get it completed but here it is:

cars 3 party printables

I created 4 different bingo cards.

Cars 3 party games

free printable Cars 3 party games

printable Cars 3 party games

free Cars 3 party games

And I saved them two - to a page for sizing

cars 3 printable games

And here are the calling cards - you can just print them, cut them out and hold them out for the kids to match; so this game is great for younger or older kids.

Cars 3 activites

And you can find everything you need for a Cars 3 Birthday Party here

Cars 3 Party

And here are all the free bingo sets I created:

free printable bingo

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