Monday, May 29, 2017

Captain Underpants Banner

Captain Underpants seems like such a fun concept - and although some people seem a little put I think anything that promotes reading is great! And if Dylan was a little older I think he would love these books and the epic movie . 

captain underpants banner

So I decided to create a Happy Birthday banner inspired by Captain Underpants. Although it could probably be used for a lot of different comic book parties. You can just print them to a standard piece of paper and cut them out and sting them up.

captain underpants birthday printables

captain underpants birthday party

captain underpants epic movie printables

captain underpants epic movie party

captain underpants epic movie banner

free comic book banner

I created some blank banners as well as people requested their kids names - I used the font Cartoonia 3D if you want to add your own.

nd you can find more free printables and party ideas for you Captain Underpants Party here

Captain Underpants Party printables


  1. So cute! Thank you for doing this! I'm having some trouble though. I've downloaded all of the banner pages except for the "PYB". Everytime I click on that one it goes to the dropbox screen to login or create an account. With all of the others I was able to just click download on the upper right side after clicking on the link. Any idea how to resolve this?

    Thanks again! - Crystal

  2. Same problem can't get the pyb HELP

    1. I think I have fixed the "PYB" link. Sorry about that.


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