Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pretend Play: Store

As a mom it`s sometimes difficult trying to guess which toys your kids will play with daily, or practically throw aside after an hour of play. 

But in my opinion this $20 cash register I bought for my daughter two years ago has definitely been worth the investment.

Apparently playing store never gets old. And my son agrees, and at not quite two has no problem that it`s "Princess" cash register.

The kids take turns scanning their items as the `scanner`beeps every time you press it against a toy or any object.
And I save all my small gift bags and reusable bags so the kids can pack up their purchase after their done `scanning` them.

 I print out some free adorable money I found from Miss Tina. 

And let`s face it, you might want to pin this link, and save it for later because well young children and paper does not hold up more than a couple of months. 

This is also  a great way to teach my four year old about numbers and counting, and you can just go by coloured money for younger kids.

And here is a few different versions of toy cash registers I found on Amazon. The first one is the newer version of the cash register I bought:

Do your kids love to play store too ? I would love to hear about it!

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