Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pic Monkey Tutorial

Have I mentioned I love PicMoney - a free online photo editing site. Yup probably. I was so disappointed when Picnik was no longer - bought out by Google I believe - if anyone remembers that? But anyway I thought I would share my favourite PicMonkey tips and hacks.

I love all the fonts in PicMonkey - and they have a lot of fonts that are only available to Royale customers. (ie. you pay a small fee per month) like one of my favourites:

But PicMonkey picks up all the fonts on your computer so if you download them from a free site like or find cute ones on Pinterest then you can use them.

I would explain it to you but Bonnie over at the Pin Junkie probably did a much better job then I ever could.

And I recently stumbled upon how to colour match in Pic Monkey. When using overlay you can use the little eye dropper and place it on the colour on the image you wanted to match.

You can also match font colours by going to the box to the right of the colour palette - which will turn into an eyedropper - then choose the colour from your background image you want to match your font too.

And I do not know about you but I personally always have trouble pairing fonts when I am making title images so here are my favourite PicMonkey font combos.

The trick is to pair bold fonts with light weight fonts and type fonts with handwritten fonts. Coneria Script and Sketch Block are both Royale fonts I found from Did you have any favourite font combinations?

And if you love all the Royale fonts, overlays, and editing tools check out the very reasonably priced PicMonkey upgrade:

You might also like How to Create a Pinterest Worthy Image For Free - Using Pic Monkey which has some great links to free background and font resources.


  1. I've never tried using my own fonts before, and I have a lot of free fonts saved up. Thanks for this tutorial!

  2. I don't use pic monkey but picasa. This is helpful still. Especially about the font pairings. You have a cute blog. I found you thru a comment you left on mine. Following on G+ now. :)


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