Friday, April 14, 2023

Free Crochet Cat beds

 I love my cat Hankaford, he is the absolute best! I rescued him from the Humane Society in February and he grew up on the streets so it was basically impossible to keep this cat indoors, he is resourceful, use to the cold, a survivor and a hunter. I can open my door, or window and yell his name and he will be meowing at my door in less than 3 minutes. 

So for all my fellow cat lovers, here is a collection of amazing and free crochet beds for your own cat, who is now part of the family. 

free cat bed crochet patterns

Space Cat - Cat House free crochet pattern from Hobbii - translated

cat house free crochet pattern

Tabby Chic Cat Bed free crochet pattern from Yarn + Chai 

chic cat bed free crochet pattern

Pixie Kitty Nest free crochet pdf pattern download from Michelle Renae

cat pixie nest free crochet pattern

Captain Cat - Cat House from Hobbii - translated

Purrfect Cat House free crochet pattern from Hobbii

Crochet cat bed pattern from Wool Street

crochet cat bed pattern

Kitty Cat House crochet pattern from Hobbi 

Chicky Kitty - Cat House free crochet pattern from Hobbii

crochet cat bed pattern from Wool Street 

Fairy House/ Cat Cocoon/ Basket free crochet pdf download from Hanneke van Dik 

cat cocoon free crochet pattern

Dassie Hanging Cat Basket crochet tutorial on youtube  from Charlotte Gillbanks

hanging cat basket crochet pattern

Catfish cat crochet pattern house pattern from Kaitlyn Ro

catfish cat crochet house pattern

Beach Hut amigurumi crochet pattern with instructions for all the décor including fish and towel from Hobbii

free cat crochet house pattern

 Bernat Kitten Ears Crochet pet bed free downloadable pattern from Yarnspirations

kitten crochet bed pattern

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