Friday, February 10, 2023

Free Stitch Printable Valentine's

I was thinking about Valentine's next week - and how we would have to go out and buy Valentine's cards for my kid's classmates - which totals nearly 60, and I'm a little low on funds this month so decided to make them instead (why didn't I think of this the previous years?) plus they can both pick exactly what they want - instead of the semi limited selection at Walmart. So I asked Lily what she liked - and she requested Stitch which is no surprise as she loves (is slightly obsessed) with everything Stitch this year. 

Stitch Valentine's

So of course I am going to share this cute printable with other parents. I liked the size with 6 to a page and you can print on regular or cardstock paper. Your kids can write their own names, and hand out to classmates. 

Stitch Valentine's day cards

I just added Lily's name to hers when I designed them to save her some time, so you can also edit them on the computer if you'd like. Now next thing designing soccer Valentine's for Dylan. I actually had fun designing these and was going to ask for a few requests on my Facebook page - but I am not super organized and don't know if I will have time to complete before Tuesday... 

And if you are looking for more free printable Valentine's check out this fun round-up of free printable Pop Culture Valentines

Or if you are looking for more Lilo & Stitch - here are some amazing free printables, crafts and recipes

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