Saturday, October 15, 2022

Stranger Things Inspired Recipes

 I love Stanger Things - and I know I am not alone when I say that! It felt like I waited an eternity for this last season to be released and that they kept pushing back the initial release date, I think it was probably delayed by the co-vid or what have you but they definitely built up the anticipation and I was so excited when it was finally released  - and then I binged watched it immediately. And some say they did not love this season as much as previous ones, but I love them all, and am already anticipating the next season... I created several blog posts in the past to commemorate Stranger Things so decided to add some ST inspired recipes, and you can find links to previous posts at the the bottom or on my Pinterest. 

Stranger Things Recipes

Stranger Things Upside Down Cookies from JaMonkey

Stranger Things cookies

Demogorgan Chocolate Strawberries from Not Quite Nigella

Stranger Things inspired Recipes

Demogorgonzola Crostini – Stranger Things Inspired Food from JaMonkey

Stranger Things Recipe Ideas

Pumpkin @ Maple Waffles from Lorraine Elliott

Eleven’s Eggo Sliders: A Stranger Things Inspired Recipe from 2 Geeks Who Eat

Stranger Things meals

Swallow the Evidence: Halloween Evidence Bag Popcorn recipe from Not Quite Nigella

Stranger Things Food Recipes

Stranger Things Waffle recipe from Passports and Parenting

Stranger Things Eggo Recipes

Demogorgonzola Tartlets- A Stranger Things Recipe from the Upside Down from The Homicidal Homemaker

Stranger Things themed Recipes

Cupcakes inspired by Stranger Things from Mashable 

Stranger Things Food Recipes

Demogorgon Meatloaf - Stranger Things Inspired Food From the Upsidesdown from the Starving Chef

'Stranger Things' Waffle Sundae from Delish

Stranger Things Themed Snack Board from Deep Fried Diamonds

Stranger Things Snack Recipes

The Upside Down Burger from Delish

Stranger Things Meals

Buffalo Chicken Dip Pumpkin Cheese Ball from Deep Fried Diamonds 

Stranger Things Snack Ideas

Netlix's Stranger Things Recipes: Demorgon Pie and French Onion Barb from the Gate 

Stranger Things Food Ideas

Stranger Things Eggo Cupcakes from Rosanna Pansino 

Stranger Thing Cupcake Recipe

Recipe/Tutorial: Waffles From The Upside Down (Stranger Things Inspired): from Pretty Cake Machine

Stranger Things waffle recipe

Stranger Things Pull Apart Cake from Homemade Heather

Stranger Things cake recipe

The Upside Down Cocktail Recipe from Crowded Kitchen

Stranger Things cocktail recipes

Stanger Things cocktail recipe from Best Day of the Week 

Stranger Things cocktail recipes

Stranger Things Cocktail: The Eleven from Spooky Little Halloween 

Stranger Things drink Ideas

And you can find the Unofficial Stranger Things Cookbook on Amazon from Tom Grimm

Stranger Things Recipe Book

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