Monday, November 8, 2021

Free Blank Fortnite Calendar

My son and step son are obsessed with Fortnite - I feel like a lot of kids (and adults) are in the same boat. So I started playing Fotnite on my PS4 so I could play with the kids and I have to admit - I definitely didn't hate it, it's almost kind of addicting...

Free printable Fortnite calendar

So with the new year quickly approaching us, I was thinking about calendars as a blogger I try to plan out what I will post or design next... and also was trying to think of something that isn't too generic and to be honest I  haven't seen a free Fortnite calendar so I decided to create one of my own. 

Fortnite calendar printable

And BONUS: My son was kind of impressed with it - looking at the different months and telling me which seasons they are. He want's me to print him one out - which I will when I buy a new printer this month - I have the worst luck with printers..

Printable Fortnite calendar

The month previews are tagged with my website so if people want to share I get the credit however I did create a version without my website in case you didn't want it plastered all over your calendar - that you hang on your fridge or wall or wherever.. Although I will add it if I seen the untagged version shared and uncredited which I so often do with my work  😒

Free Fortnite Calendar printable

Also I am in the works of creating a numbered 2022 Fortnite calendar, however it is much more time consuming and I have only gotten to July so far... But follow me on Pinterest or Pin this post as I will add a link to the numbered version once completed... 

And you can download the full 12 month blank Fortnite calendar here 

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