Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Free 2021 Graduation Printables

 Summer is slowly approaching, we always have a few taunts of nice weather before the snow actually disappears for good in Canada and that means graduation season is around the corner. There have been more struggles this year and last with Covid and everything moving to virtual learning or some combination of both physical and virtual so let's make all the 2021 grads feel extra special this year weather it's a small intimate dinner or a class party. 

free 2021 graduation party printables

So I create some 2021 graduation circle labels, these are one of my favourite freebies to make because they are so versatile! And you know me there are always options, so you can find 3 different versions below. Click on the text to download for free. 

free graduation printables

free 2021 graduation printables

And you can find matching t-shirts, party supplies, decorations and more in my Zazzle Shop:

2021 graduation party supplies

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