Monday, October 5, 2020

How I achieved over 3 million Pinterest views!

 I cannot claim to be a social media maven however, I am fairly proficient with Pinterest. With only a small blog I have achieved over 3 million monthly views on Pinterest, and over 14K followers and increasing daily! I was originally considering creating this as an e-book but instead decided to share my knowledge and experience for free. 

I started my current blog Musings of an Average Mom back in 2014, and prior to that I had another blog 101 things to do which I have since sold for six thousand US. So I have been in the blogging game a while. When I try to learn something new I research a lot about the subject and well a lot of it comes down to trial and error of what works (and what doesn't) so in order to save you a year or more of effort I am going to detail exactly how I achieved getting 3 millions views monthly and nearly 14K followers.

Although you don't have to believe my screen shot, and can check out my Pinterest account yourself; 

Well and if you're there you might as well follow me 😉 

Pinterest is my main source of blog traffic which in turn earns me money through advertising such as Google Adsense and affiliate sales.

So I'll show you my Google Analytics stats so you can get a sense of what the percentages are.

So the chart above is showing that I get 72.7% of my traffic through social media. 

And here is a breakdown of that 72% - as you can see Pinterest accounts for 99% of my acquisition of viewers. So over 70% of my blog traffic comes directly from Pinterest.

So now you're like okay we feel you, Pinterest is a great tool for driving blog traffic but how can I get as many views/followers as you?

When I first started on Pinterest I found Pinterest link-ups and group boards helpful, now I still use both of these sources to get more pins but my main method of more than tripling my Pinterest views was Tailwind.

Maybe you have heard of Tailwind, maybe you haven't but essentially it's a social media scheduler. You can schedule your pins to post during optimal times throughout the day automatically. It has saved me so much time!

Tailwind does cost money but if you want to try it out you can get 30 days for free without entering and payment details here.


But personally I found the monetary value of Tailwind well worth the cost as it has given me 5 times the return on what I paid for it - monthly!

I make about $500-$600a month from Goggle AdSense alone and that’s not counting my other advertisers and affiliate income.

How to Install Tailwind (and Chrome Extension)

So how exactly does Tailwind work?

Well it's simple.

Click on this link - and you will get $15 off on your plus membership!

Go to Drafts

Install the Chrome Extension

Choose add to Chrome


Choose Add Extension

And it will be added to Chrome, to the right of your top search/ address bar

This will also add the schedule icon to Pinterest

Then choose which boards you want to pin it to.

You can also create Group Boards in order to save time.

Go to Board Lists > Click to Add a List

Tailwind Tribes

I heard about Tailwind tribes but didn't really know what they were when I first joined or how to use them, after seeing my Pinterest views sky rocket I am kicking myself for not joining Tribes sooner!

Tribes are basically groups you can join with similar interests, and they expect you to pin at least one pin for everyone of yours. So you get tons of exposure and also rich content to pin, as you don't want to pin only your own pins.

Go to Find Tribes

And then you can choose from popular tribe categories, tribe topics or search your own keywords.

Then you can see how many members and the activity levels.

For instance I chose Kids Activities

You can then request to join, or some let you join instantly.

Mine says Add Power Up to Join because I’m already at 5/5 of tribes which it what comes with your membership unless you upgrade.

I may actually purchase the Tribes Pro shortly, as it increases you 30 submissions monthly to 80 as well. But that will be for a future post. 

Also don't forget to Pin this as I will be adding Part - two within the month which will be an updated version of my how to double your Pinterest Followers in 30days as well as how to create Pinterest images. 

If you join Tailwind using my affiliate link, feel free to ask me questions on my Facebook page, not PMs unless personal info is shared so I can answer questions once. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for sharing!I just started using Tailwind, so it's good to know that it's worth paying for when my trial runs out!!


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