Monday, July 20, 2020

Barbie School and Office Printables

 A while ago I created a round-up of 18 inch doll printables for My Life or American Dolls, and felt like I couldn't leave out the 1/6th size for Barbies, monster high and the like. So here is a round-up of school and office themed free printables for Barbies or the same sized dolls. Scroll to the bottom for links to more printables.

Make your own study notes, magazine holder, calculator and more office supplies with free printables from My Froggy Stuff

Make your own DIY laptops with free pritnable from Pixie Dust Dolls

Get a small coloring book printable from Bee Knees Industries

DIY Panda School Supplies from My Froggy Stuff

Get Free printable marker box and Finding Dora Coloring Book from Pixie Dust Dolls

Make your own Doll office with planner, calendar and vision board with free printables from My Froggy Stuff

Make your own minature Harry Potter book with free printable from My Froggy Stuff

DIY School Supplies from Migues Minatures

Get free back to school printables and school bag tutorial from My Froggy Stuff

Or you can buy this 2pc back pack set from Amazon

Make a doll yearbook with free printables from My Froggy Stuff

DIY Mini Harry Potter note books from Red Ted Art

Make your own art set with free printables from True 2 Scale

Make these cute school binders and folders with free printables from My Froggy Stuff

DIY Doll Back to School Printables from Migues Minatures

Printable doll lockers that open from My Froggy Stuff

DIY Dollhouse Books from Migues Minatures

Get a Barbie Teacher doll from Amazon

And you can find more Free Barbie Printables here including home, holiday and grocery printables

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