Monday, July 13, 2020

Adult Cartoon Crochet Patterns

I have been creating crochet pattern round-ups for all my crafty friends so I decided to create a round-up of "adult" cartoon crochet patterns including Bob's Burgers, Futurama, South Park, Simpsons and Rick and Morty. 
free cartoon crochet patterns

Bob's Burgers

Free Bob's Burgers crochet patterns from gnarlea

Bobs Burger's Crochet Patterns

Louise Belcher's Stuffed animal kuchi kopi from Bob's burgers free crochet pattern from Ollie Holly

all free crochet patterns

Kuchi Kopi from the Unknown Orchard

Kuchi Kopi free crochet patterns

Mrs. Frond's Therapy Dolls Collection from Ollie Holly


Brain Slugs from Futurama crochet pattern from Alicia Mirez

futurama brain slugs free crochet apttern

Futurama Brain Slug Headband from Zoe Creates

Nibbler from Futurama from Elizabeth Jarvis

Nibbler free crochet pattern

Bender Bending Rodriguez from Crafts on Toast

Bender free crochet pattern

Dr. Zoidberg pattern from Mostly Nerdy Crochet

Zoidberg free crochet pattern

Find the pattern for Dr. Zoidberg's Claw on Google Docs from Katie Quinn

Dr. Zoidberg free crochet pattern

Zoidberg Hat from Codi Hudnall

Zoidberg crochet hat

Dr. Zoidbergs mask from Kate Quinn

Zoidberg egg pattern from ROAAAR

Robot Santa from Mostly Nerdy Crochet

Robot Santa free crochet pattern

Party Slug pattern by Eva McDonald

Hypnotic Toad from Eva McDonald

South Park

South Park Watch Caps from Angelina Bradley

South Park beanie crochet pattern

Cartman Amigurumi Pattern from Edward Young

Cartman free crochet pattern

South Park Amigurumi characters from Edward Young

Free South Park crochet pattern

Randy Marsh from South Park from Katrine Holde

South Park characters crochet patterns

Don't Kick the Baby: Ike Broflovski by Kate Quinn

Mr. Hankey the Little Christmas Poop from Inside Uranus


Homer Simpson PDF crochet pattern from Suenhos Blanditos

free Homer Simpson crochet patter

Bart Simpson Amigurumi pattern from Philae Artes

free Bart Simpson crochet pattern

Cool Yellow Dude crochet pattern from Melanie Mullally

Marge Simpson hair from Choperena

Duff Beer Cozy from Annaweee

Rick and Morty

Mr. Meeseeks crochet amigurumi from the unknown orchard 

Free Meeseeks crochet patterns

Mr. Poopybutthole pattern from Cindy Tran 

Mr. Poopybutthole corchet patterns

Pickle Rick free crochet pattern from Kaminakapow

free Pickle Rick Crochet Patterns

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