Thursday, June 11, 2020

Zoom Backgrounds from your favourite shows

Perhaps this post is a little late but nonetheless here are dozens of Zoom backgrounds from your favourite cartoons, tv shows and movies to liven up those boring Zoom meetings. Just dont forget if you have your camera on people CAN see what you are doing. 😉

zoom backgrounds free

Check out these 24 Disney Channel Backgrounds like the Mickey Mouse Club House

Big Hero 6 the series

Ravens house, Doc McStuffins, Descendants, and one of my favorites Gravity Falls

best zoom backgrounds

Here is a collection of all your favourite classic Disney princess backgrounds including, Aladdin, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast 

Disney backgrounds for Zoom

Cinderella and more!

virtual backgrounds for zoom

You can find 3 different backgrounds from Disney's movie Onward

Find popular Pixar Zoom backgrounds here including Coco, Cars, Toy Story,

 Up, and more

fun zoom backgrounds

Or you can use of of these several different Star Wars backgrounds

star wars zoom background

You can find even more Star Wars backgrounds from from

Find DC comics backgrounds from

Find 26 backgrounds from Nickelodean Parents including Sponge Bob, Ninja Turtle, iCarly, Paw Patrol

Victorious and more

Find 11 cartoon Zoom backgrounds from Stylecaster

Find Zoom backgrounds from your favourtie Sony movies including Spiderman into the Spiderverse and this is The End

Find Zoom backgrounds for adult swim shows including Rick and Morty

Find motion or static Trolls world tour backgrounds from Dreamworks

Find Minecrafts, Bob's Burgers , Animal Crossing and more backgrounds from CNet

You can find 4 different Fox backgrounds on Twitter

funny backgrounds for zoom

Find 25 Tv show themed backgrounds from your favourite shows on Tv Guide including Love Island USA

Schitt's Creek, The Good Place, The Bold Place

Parks and Rec, The Office, Modern Family, Brooklyn 99 and more

And backgrounds from your favourite sitcoms like Friends, Golden Girls and Seinfeld 

Find Disney Parks backgrounds from the Disney Parks Blog

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