Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Pixar Crochet Patterns

I created a Disney Movie round-up and could not forget about all the amazing Pixar characters so with out further ado ...

Free Pixar Crochet Patterns


22 Pixar's Soul Crochet Amigurumi pattern from Ninja Crafts 

Free Pixar Soul Crochet Patterns

Joel\s Soul free amigurumi crochet download from Amigurumi 

Free Pixar Soul Crochet Patterns


Get this detailed Wall-E pattern from SukiGirl

free Wall-e Crochet pattern

free Eve Crochet pattern

Toy Story

Toy Story 4 Amigurumi Baby Buzz Crochet Free Pattern from JM Art DIY

free Toy Story Crochet patterns

Buzz Light Year by Rachel Hoe

free Buzz Light Year crochet patterns

Buzz Lightyear Bunny Crochet pattern from Once upon a Cheerio

Free Buzz Light Year pattern from Natalina Craft

Round Plush Alien from Toy Story from Damn It Janet It Let's Crochet

Toy Story Coffee Cup Cozy from the Enchanted LadyBug

Round Plush Hamm from Damn It Janet Let's Crochet

Toy Story 4 Amigurumi Forky Crochet Free Pattern from JM Art DIY

Forky Amigurumi Crochet pattern from Once upon a Cheerio 

Bullseye from Elina Pichugina

Crochet Key Chain Mr. Potato Head by Natalina Craft


Nemo from the Duchess Gala

Baby Clown fish pattern from Natalina Craft

Baby Dory crochet pattern from Krawka

Baby Dory Inspired hat pattern from Sewrella

Baby Dory pattern from Loopy Yarn


Lightning McQueen hat from Lille Liis


Baby Jack Jack from the Incredibles

Mrs. Incredible - Elastic Girl from Philae Artes

Good Dinosaur

Crochet Pattern - Arlo from the Good Dinosaur from Sabrina's Crochet


Bao Dumpling crochet pattern from Ami Amour

And you can find hundreds more free crochet patterns here

all free crochet patterns

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