Saturday, April 18, 2020

Grocery Delivery

Trying to avoid long grocery lineups and going out in public, here is a list of Grocery Delivery Services.

United States is great for pantry items, condiments and snacks and also has coupons. I order from but get free shipping with Prime on everything down to cases of pop. has grocery pick up, but from personal experience check if it's available before making your entire order. - you can purchase formula, cereal, baby food or meals, and bundles such as starting solids bundles, trying textures, organic super snacks and more for approximately $35. Click here for free shipping over $49 plus a free gift or subscribe and save 10%.

Canada  . I'm actually so glad I have Prime right now as it would have cost me $60 to ship and instead is free not to mention you get the television app included. -  living in a small Canadian city Walmart grocery isn't available to me which I found out AFTER spending 1.5 hours creating a huge list so check before you buy but they still send anything considered non grocery to my house so I purchased toys for the kids this year instead of chocolate.

Skip the Dishes - enter your city for local restaurant delivery

Uber Eats - enter your city for local restaurant delivery

Uride Services - offer Grocery Delivery in Canadian Cities, available in Thunder Bay and others

Canadian Cities

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Giovanni's Gift Shop - next day delivery. Offers meat, boxes of fruit or vegetables and bulk items. I have tried this personally and loved the Pizza Kits! It was like getting a large take out for $12 but was hot out of the oven.

Meat the Butcher - website or Facebook has meat packages, produce and some essentials. Curbside pick-up or Delivery, 48 hours to prepare.  

Big Lake Cabin - Grocery Delivery, has essentials and some health and wellness items as well.

Arnprior, Ontario

Gedder - Arnprior's Contact free Grocery Delivery Service 

And please comment and leave a link if you know of grocery delivery services in your area, or you can email me at kristenstevens@live(dot)ca

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