Thursday, February 6, 2020

Kawaii Valentine's

I was creating a round up of my favourite Star Wars Valentine's, basically an ode to baby Yoda lol and my daughter was saying why don't you create your own things so I thought - why not? So here are a few Kawaii Valentine's I created because I think the Kawaii pics are so cute and I a sucker for a good pun. 

free printable Kawaii Valentines

I created both a card version and a smaller Valentine version (with 8 to a page) so you can write a note to you Valentine or print out smaller versions and write your name on them. 

Here is a 5 by 7" version card. This is the preview of it, the inside and back are blank. So click on the link below to be brought to the free download in drop box. 

I created an all text version of this years ago but have been approving on my designs since. 

Mini coffee valentines (8 to a page)

I also created a 'variety' pack lol with two of each of the above versions

Kawaii valentines

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