Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Pretty Painted and DIY Pumpkins

I love all the beautifully painted pumpkins, the typography and the DIY crafted pumpkins. They are just so beautiful and unique. So here is a round-up of my favourites. 

And if you want to replicate any of these amazing pumpkins make sure you get foam pumpkins so you can use them year after year. 

Make your own trick or treat pumpkin with free template from A.C. Moore

Make Glitter pumpkins with tutorial from iheartnaptime

I love these Kawaii style painted pumpkins from Ooly

I absolutely love these punny pumpkins, fin the steps to recreate these on A.C. Moore

Make your own DIY Pun-Kins with step by step tutorial from Studio DIY

Find out how to make these amazing pumpkins (and the paint colors used) on Linen Lace and Love

Make your own 90s inspired pumpkins with instructions from a Kailo Chic Life

Tragic Icecream Cone from Martha Stewart

Make this DIY Donut Pumpkin with tutorial from the DIY Playbook

Design your own Uniocrn pumpkin with tutorial from Crafty Morning

Make these DIY iridescent pumpkins from Oh So Beautiful Paper

Make your own ombre spiderweb pumpkins with tutorial from Martha

Get the instructions and template to create these woodland no carve pumpkins from Simple as That

Make your own watercolor pumpkins with simple instructions from Lines Across

Watch the video tutorial on Craftberry Bush to make this beautiful hand painted pumpkin

Get tips on painting pumpkins from Think Make Share

Make your own gold dipped pumpkin with instructions from Monica Wants It

Make thee gorgeous marbled indigo pumpkins with step by step tutorial from Alice and Lois

Make these elegant pumpkins with pro tips from Think Make Share

Make your own Glitter pumpkin with instructions from Lulus

Get a drip painting tutorial from

Make this fancy glitter monogram pumpkin found on Unoriginal Mom

Find these DIY Sharpie Owl pumpkins on Ashley Hacksaw

Watch the video to create these adorable woodland critter pumpkins from A.C. Moore

Make your own painted pumpkins as found on Gluesticks 

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