Saturday, October 5, 2019

Pokemon Kids Crafts

My kids and I watched the Detective Pikachu movie last week so they have been all about the Pokemon, including getting the Pokemon Go app so I decided to create a round-up of Pokemon inspired crafts for Kids.

Pokemon crafts for kids

Easy Pokemon corner bookmarks from Red Ted Art 

Pokemon printables

Make your own Pokeball and catch these printable pokemon from Merry Printables

Make your own mini Pokemon notebooks with instructions from Red Ted Art

Make your own Pokemon badge cases with free printables from Merry Printables

And you can find two pages of printable badges as well

Pikachu toilet paper craft free printable from the Art Dream

Pikachu printable activities

Free Printable Pok√©mon Bingo - with printable pokeballs for markers.

free printable pokemon games

Make your own Pokemon balloons with free printable faces from 
To easier navigate the page their is a blue 'translate' button 

Make your own DIY Pokemon Charm bracelet as seen on iheartcraftythings

Make your own Pokemon Pom Pom decorations with free templates from

Make your own Pokemon pencil holders with free printables from Red Ted Art

Watch this YouTube video by Budget Hobby and make your own DIY Pikachu sock plushie

Get Pokemon Evolution DIY Kaleidoscope paper toy from Red Ted Art

Make your own Recycled Bulbasaur Planter with instructions from Ruffles and Rainboots

Make your own Pokemon Bookmarks as seen on Kids Activities

Make your own Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur toilet paper craft with printable from the Art Dream

Make a Pokemon Pebble craft from Kids Craft Room

Make your own personalized party favour bags with tutorial and images from Simplistically Living

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