Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Printable Unicorn Activities

My daughters favourite animal is a Unicorn and I feel like sh'e not the only one there is something magical about them so here is a round up of over 20 free printable unicorn crafts for kids (and the young at heart)

free printable unicorn activities

Unicorn Head Toilet Paper Roll Craft with free printable from Cut Out and Keep

unicorn crafts for kids

Get a free Unicorn coloring book form the Purple Pumpkin blog

free printable unicorn coloring pages

Get Unicorn masks to print out and colour from It's Always Autumn

unicorn printable coloring pages

Make a 3D Paper Unicorn with free printable from Easy Peasy and Fun

Learn how to draw a Unicorn with free printable from Growing Play

Get this free printable Unicorn party game from Ruffles and Rainboots

free printable unicorn games

Get this Unicorn Craft printable from Four Cheeky Monkeys

Get this color by number printable from Free Kids Crafts

Make your own Unicorn Valentine box with free printables from Skip to my Lou

Make your own unicorn puppet with free printable from Easy Peasy and Fun

Get this free printable Unicorn board games for preschoolers from Views from a Step Stool

Get this free printable rainbow Unicorn horn and ears printable from Alpha Mom

Get your own Unicorn maze printable from Growing Play

Print your own Unicorn game from Momes.net - the website is in French but you can just translate it for instructions as the printables don't include words

Make your own Unicorn pillow boxes with free printable from Mom Collaborative

Make this easy unicorn paper toy with free printables from red Ted Art

Get this pin the horn on the Unicorn printable from My Little Day

free printable unicorn party games

Make your own secret message unicorn printable from Mess for Less

Mini unicorn kite to print from Momes.net

Get a free I spy Unicorn game printable from And Next Comes L

Get this free printable Unicorn memory game from Petit Fernand

Make your own stained glass unicorn with free printable template from Oh Happy Day

And you can find free Unicorn party printables here

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Candy Corn Invitations

So I created a DIY pink candy corn banner, and decided I loved the idea of pink candy corn, so I decided to create some matching invitations. 

candy corn invitations

Here is an example of one completed; You can download a blank version and edit it in Pic Monkey, that's where I created them and you can find the matching fonts. 

free candy corn invitations

Here is a blank version, you could also print it and fill it out by hand if you don't have a photo editing program. 

free printable candy corn invitations

And just in case you wanted to use the invitations for a birthday or another kind of party I made more generic ones

pink candy corn printables

And here is a lined version if you want to fill it in by hand. 

I had fun making them so I hope you enjoy 😀

And here is a matching DIY candy corn banner with free template, you can use whatever phrase you want

candy corn decorations

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

candy corn banner

I love all the pink and black Halloween decorations so I decided to create a pink candy corn banner.

candy corn decorations

You can really choose any colours you desire the traditional white, yellow and orange, shades of purple, personally I chose white, light pink and dark pink.

For this craft I honestly just went to the dollar store and purchased whatever I thought would work. They had pink felt which I thought would give the banner some texture, parachute cord in pink although you could use a lighter string and black alphabet stickers, you could print out letters from your computer and glue them on although that seemed like to much effort for me personally. 

candy corn crafts

Materials required:
- white cardstock
- free candy corn template
- felt (light pink)
- card stock (darker pink)
- scissors
- marker or pencil
- glue stick
- string, I used pink para cord
- alphabet stickers 

pink candy corn

I cut out the white cardstock first enough for the phrase I chose: Happy Haunting

Then I glued the pink felt on, followed by the dark pink card stock and lastly I attached the black alphabet stickers. 

I then punched holes in either side of each candy corn (using a small screw driver thing I found in the junk drawer, I'm quite lucky I didn't stab myself in the process) and strung the cord through it. 

And then I hung it up using scotch tape. 

candy corn banner

This craft is super simple as my crafting skills are about a negative ten so anyone can do it and you it's versatile so you can use the materials you have on hand. 

Here is the template I used, not pretty as I traced the ones I used but functional. I just printed out one sheet and used it as a template to cut them all.

candy corn template

And here is the template I saved 4 to a page. Sorry its a little cut off I tried to draw and scan it.  But i let the kids colour and decorate their own candy corns

printable candy corn template

So I would love to see how yours turns out please leave a link in the comments or posit it on my FB.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Pink and Black Halloween Cupcake Toppers

I don't know what it is but I love pastel pink and Black Halloween decorations. Maybe it's because I look terrible at orange or that it's not one of my favourite colours. So I created some pastel pink and Black cupckae toppers for you to add to your own Halloween treats. 

free printable pink and black halloween

I created two different sheets, the first one a little darker and the second one a little cuter, as I am indecisive  love options. 

free pink and black halloween printables

pink halloween printables

Also feel free to use these circle lables any way you want, I like adding them to paper cups or treat bags as well for a coordinated feeling. 

And here is some more pink and black inspiration for you. 

pink and black halloween

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Pokemon Kids Crafts

My kids and I watched the Detective Pikachu movie last week so they have been all about the Pokemon, including getting the Pokemon Go app so I decided to create a round-up of Pokemon inspired crafts for Kids.

Pokemon crafts for kids

Easy Pokemon corner bookmarks from Red Ted Art 

Pokemon printables

Make your own Pokeball and catch these printable pokemon from Merry Printables

Make your own mini Pokemon notebooks with instructions from Red Ted Art

Make your own Pokemon badge cases with free printables from Merry Printables

And you can find two pages of printable badges as well

Pikachu toilet paper craft free printable from the Art Dream

Pikachu printable activities

Free Printable Pokémon Bingo - with printable pokeballs for markers.

free printable pokemon games

Make your own Pokemon balloons with free printable faces from Fixasjalv.se 
To easier navigate the page their is a blue 'translate' button 

Make your own DIY Pokemon Charm bracelet as seen on iheartcraftythings

Make your own Pokemon Pom Pom decorations with free templates from Fixasjalv.se

Make your own Pokemon pencil holders with free printables from Red Ted Art

Watch this YouTube video by Budget Hobby and make your own DIY Pikachu sock plushie

Get Pokemon Evolution DIY Kaleidoscope paper toy from Red Ted Art

Make your own Recycled Bulbasaur Planter with instructions from Ruffles and Rainboots

Make your own Pokemon Bookmarks as seen on Kids Activities

Make your own Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur toilet paper craft with printable from the Art Dream

Make a Pokemon Pebble craft from Kids Craft Room

Make your own personalized party favour bags with tutorial and images from Simplistically Living

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