Monday, August 5, 2019

How to throw a Super Soft Birthday Party

When throwing a super soft birthday party you need to think pink and over the top. I went to the dollar store and got inexpensive pink boas, princess plates and napkins, pink tablecloth and cutlery and shiny tiara's.

super soft birthday party

I created some supersoft invitations you can send to your friends:

super soft birthday invitations

And I saved them two on a 8 by 11" page to dropbox for easier printing. Print them on card stock for better quality. 

Make your own Happy Birthday bestie banner!!1

super soft birthday party decorations

Make a decorate your own cupcake station; complete with free printable Letterkenny character cupcake toppers.

super soft cupcakes

Find a pony and dress it up like a unicorn. 

And if that's a little out of your budget, grab a unicorn or my little pony pinata. 

Make some supersoft cocktails: 

purple passion punch, from the Life of a Ginger

purple passion punch

lemon gingerini

apricot toblerone cocktail

Get the recipe for a Flirtini from the Spruce Eats


sparkling mango sorbet float

Get the recipe for this Love potion cocktail from Homemadehooplah

super soft cocktails

Nothing's softer than cotton candy. Well except maybe Daryll's birthday. 

Make your own super soft playlist, or find the entire Letterkenny playlist on tunefind


  1. I am so glad I found this. I am throwing my husband a super soft surprise party this weekend, and your printables are amazing!!!

  2. This is so great. My son turns 18 on the 4th and as we are quarantined it is going to the the super softest birthday ever for him.


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